The R.J. Noble Company operates a state of the art construction debris recycling plant at the Orange Facility.  Construction Debris brought in to the Orange Facility will allow our customers to comply with the constructions waste reduction, disposal and recycling requirements of the California Code of Regulations Title 24 (24 CCR).   

Our dual stage crushing facility enables us to recycle 100% of broken concrete, asphalt concrete and various types of rubble, brought into our facility, into certified and useful construction products such as Class II Aggregate Base, CMB (crushed miscellaneous base), Recycled Concrete Sand and RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement).  Our Orange recycling plant provides an annual saving over 700,000 tons of our ever more precious Southern California natural resources and has made the R.J. Noble Company one of the leading recyclers in Orange County.

R.J. Noble also operates a portable crushing facility enrolled in the CARB PERP program giving us the ability to move anywhere within the state of California and crush various types of material. Our dual stage crushing plant utilizes a primary jaw crusher and secondary cone crusher giving us the ability to produce products of various sizes, crushing either natural aggregates or recycled construction debris. The plant is portable, permitted and ready to crush any material you may need cleared from your project site.

Contact our plant operations or crushing department for details, pricing and availability.