“The city of Orange takes care of the people in the community!! The public works department went out of their way to help me with an issue that resulted from me driving over tar and rocks while they worked on the street in-front of my employer (St Joseph Hospital on La Veta).  Jose Perez (RJ Noble employee) personally came to my employer to clean my tires from the debris so that my car could drive smoothly again. He brought his tool and cleared the debris almost 100%.  I was so thankful and wanted to tip him or something but he was so professional and explained it was his job to take care of the community!  I was so impressed by his kindness and utmost professionalism.  I needed to make sure he is recognized for this above and beyond attitude.  This was an act of kindness and service, to many maybe it was simple but my mechanic couldn’t do it, I tried to do it with ice pick and couldn’t, but Jose Perez knew exactly what and how this issue needed to be taken care of so again, Thank You Very Much. ”

St. Joseph Hospital Employee – 5.10.2022

“RJ Noble is capping the street in front of my house in Tustin on Fairhaven and I received a personal escort from the RJ Noble guys in order to get into my house. They didn’t know who I was but I can’t say enough about how professional and accommodating they were given the circumstances. “

City of Orange Resident – 8.5.2022

“I want to say thank you and good work to you and the workers who redid our roads in Meredith Canyon.  The communication and signs were excellent but mostly every worker I encountered was friendly and helpful and got me through the streets when I needed direction to get around the work areas.  I felt a sense of thoughtfulness for the residents.

The roads are very nicely done and we appreciate everyone’s time and hard work. Thank you!”

Avenida Calita Resident – 1.9.2021

“Our family was very impressed by your employees professionalism, quality of work, and helpfulness. Watching them work, at the variety of jobs required, was amazing. The teamwork and timing of all the parts coming together was so efficient (and fun to watch). Each person seemed to enjoy their their job! When we needed their help (or just looked like we might), someone would come over right away and offer their assistance. Always very friendly and helpful!! Each process was done so efficiently and turned out looking great! It was hard to believe how clean and tidy things were left each day. We appreciate the hard work, efficiency and kindness shown. Thank you! Just wanted you to know! Well done!!”

Orange Paving Job, Orange Neighbors – 8.30.18

“The paving crew is awesome. The capped portion of Los Patrones Parkway rides phenomenal.  There was so much production today. I really appreciate the effort and result”

Scott Leetzow, Rancho Mission Viejo – 2.20.18

“I appreciate the workmanship, safety record and timeliness of the work your crews continue to provide.”

Joe Dillman, City of Irvine – 2.16.18

“I want to sincerely thank you once again for the opportunity to host the field trip at your RJ Noble City of Orange plant on January 10, 2018. Thank you for doing a great job in arranging the logistics for a most excellent field trip. This is a perfect example of cooperation between the regulatory agencies and the regulated community. The field trip to your asphalt plant was outstanding and very informative. I enjoyed your enthusiasm, credibility and willingness to show us the state-of-the-art process and controls. We did not notice any blue smoke from the truck loadout process, nothing but steam out of the baghouse and no fugitive dust anywhere in the plant.”

Ben Sehgal, Training Section Air Resources – 1.10.18

“As the sun comes up in the morning and we pull out of our tract homes, to start out busy day, we see the beautiful landscaping you’ve done down on Lincoln Ave. Thank you for spending the time and money to make our part of the world so much nicer. We appreciate it.”

Friendly Neighbors on Pampas, W. Crystal View, Dell St., Brentwood, Brookshire, Fernside & Glenside – 10.12.17

“The paving crew, whose Foreman was Mr. Craig Lindsay, did an outstanding job. They had to slope and fair the asphalt into six drains that were already set into the old road and two concrete pads that were used for deliveries and trash pickup. The job was completed in three days. The timing was important because the Ocean Institute has an important fundraiser scheduled for the next to last weekend in March 2017. The road is used by multiple caterers catering the event. A possible muddy road would have posed a big problem. Many Thanks for a job well done by a most professional crew.”

Randolph Teague, Ocean Institute Facilities Manager – 3.19.17