The R.J. Noble Company has taken many strides to be better stewards of our environment.  Along with our major investments in recycling technology we have also upgraded our Asphalt facilities to the latest and most efficient asphalt production plants; lowering our energy consumption, bringing down our emissions and giving us the ability to produce Warm Mix Asphalt. 

Our Orange Asphalt plant also employs a ACEMS system, constantly monitoring our air emissions and giving us real time data, ensuring we stay below all state and local emission standards.  From storm water concerns to air quality concerns we take every possible step to ensure we stay within compliance and exceed requirements with many of our employees having taken part in the rule writing process as well as sitting on various industry/agency working groups and committees within the area of environmental regulations. 



Safety is the key component to ongoing prosperity at The R.J. Noble Company, we constantly strive to improve and guarantee the safety of our employees and the general public impacted by our operations. Here at R.J. Noble we employ a robust and all-inclusive safety program; keeping safety at the forefront of our employee’s minds while they are hard at work improving the roads and infrastructure of our local communities. Here at R.J. Noble we firmly believe that “Safety Paves the Way”.


The safety of our visitors, customers, employees and the general public is a key concern at all of our job sites and facilities. We maintain many proactive safety policies at our two facilities including safety vests and hard hat requirements, posted speed limits and visible signage indicating all restricted and special access areas. The safety of the general public and commuters impacted by our road construction is the primary focus of the R.J. Noble company, the discussions start at the beginning of the bidding process, followed up with the designing of specialized site-specific traffic control plan which is implemented and carried out by our highly professional staff to ensure the safety of all motorists, pedestrians and employees on our projects.


Our safety department works around the clock confirming the adherence to our safety policies, with the goal of ensuring all our employees return home safely to their families. Our fulltime safety manager monitors operations at our two facilities and multiple job sites daily, helping our crews identify the dangers of daily tasks as well as the unique conditions; specific to each of our projects.


Our goal is to make the highest quality products while helping to preserve the beautiful Southern California environment we all love and enjoy.