Why Recycle?

The recycling services at R.J. Noble has gone through a tremendous expansion in recent years.  Starting with a small 75 ton per hour crusher in the late 1990’s, the recycle crushing facility in Orange went through a series of upgrades finalizing in 2015 with a new state of the art dual stage crushing plant capable of crushing up to 450 tons per hour. 

We produce various recycled products including Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP), Recycled Road Base both Crushed Miscellaneous Base (CMB) and Class II Aggregate Base and have expanded the typical recycled construction debris products with our Crushed Concrete products including a 5/8” minus aggregate and a 3/8” minus Fill Sand facilitating a whole new market for recycled products in our industry. 

Alongside our crushing facility we have also operate a portable rubberized oil blending plant allowing us to blend California waste tires with virgin asphalt binder providing a recycled product that exceeds the performance of standard asphalt binders. 

Currently the use of asphalt rubber has grown from being used exclusively on state freeway projects to become common on artillery city streets and even used on neighborhood street rehabilitation projects.  Each ton of rubberized asphalt concrete recycles about 2.2 used California waste tires; again, diverting thousands of tons of waste from our local landfills.  Rubberized Asphalt Concretes also has tremendous benefits to the general public and tax payers by extending the life of pavement, reducing traffic noise, and adding friction between the road surface and automobile tires giving better traction in rain or inclement weather. 

The R.J. Noble Company is a strong supporter of our community and has made great investments in recycling technologies to help preserve our beautiful Southern California environment.


Asphalt is one of the only 100% recyclable materials in the construction world.  100% of the broken asphalt and grindings brought into our Orange facility has the ability to be reintroduce back into new asphalt concrete in the form RAP, saving both virgin binder and natural aggregate.  The use of RAP helps us to lower our use of these precious natural resources, lower and stabilize costs while still giving us the ability to make a quality and durable product.


Recycled Tire Rubber gives us the opportunity to produce a high-quality product with increased life from conventional asphalts and still help the state government meet there recycling goals.  California waste tires are process down to fine granulated material and blended into neat asphalt binder at percentages ranging from 18 – 22 percent.  

CMB (Crushed Miscellaneous Base)

Provides a great stable substructure for pavements of all types.  Our CMB is 100% recycled material and derived of various construction debris brought into our orange facility from local construction projects throughout Orange and neighboring counties. 


Recycled Fill Sand is another way for us to lower our usage of vital natural resources and increase our recycling within our industry.  Our Crushed Concrete Sand is 100% recycled material and made up of various concrete products that are crushed down to 3/8” minus fill material.  It is great for use as fill sand and structure backfill.